Saturday, November 16, 2013

Iguodala A Difference Maker For Golden State Warriors

Wow!  If you haven't seen the Golden State Warriors this season,  better check in soon before missing the entire 2013 party.  The Warriors are playing at a level above last season's playoffs, and they're doing it consistently with a cast of both old and newly acquired players.

One player that's wearing a Warriors jersey for the first time this season is Andre Iguodala, a small forward/shooting guard who brings defense, offense and leadership to a young competitive team. Two nights ago against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Iggy made a game winning buzzer beater with 2.3 seconds left on the clock. It appeared to be a signature win for the Warriors, letting the elite NBA teams know that they're back, better than before, and more than just a round one playoff upsetting team.

I watched the game before that, Tuesday against the Detroit Pistons, and couldn't believe the chemistry these young Warriors are displaying on the court.  Didn't know 19 year veteran Jermaine O'neal is with the Warriors and still got game.  By the fourth quarter the globetrotter looking starters were seated watching the bench close out the game against a supposedly tough Pistons team.  Detroit looked like they had no answer for the sharp shooting offense and tenacious defense of the Warriors.

Be on the lookout for second year forward Harrison Barnes coming off the bench.  The youngster, rightly nicknamed the Black Falcon, has stepped up his game overall and he's healthy.  On May 14, the NBA named Barnes to the 2012–13 All-Rookie first team.[35  

Though the name didn't derive from the marvel comic book character The Falcon, their first African-American super hero, both have wings that take them to heights beyond the reach of mortal men. The Golden State Warriors are about to take off folks, so get your popcorn and binoculars ready as we look to see them soar to heights not reached since the RUN TMC era.

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