Saturday, November 30, 2013

NCAA Football Rivalry Week - WhaddaWeek!

Its what you could call the best weekend of college football, Rivalry Week.  I wore my Michigan jersey earlier in the week in hopes that it would give them an early advantage on #3 Ohio State.  Today the Buckeyes squeaked out a win over the Wolverines in a game that went right down to the last seconds, a failed 2pt conversion attempt by Michigan. It was their 110th meeting and folks are calling the game an "instant classic."

Final Score
#3 Ohio St. 42
Michigan 41

After last night's civil war game between Oregon State and #13 Oregon, I knew today's college rivalry games would be full of back and forth play making, underdog grit and last minute miracles.  With what I can only call fluorescent looking uniforms, the Beavers and Ducks clashed in a colorful contest that was tied 17-17 at half-time, and didn't let up in the second half. Oregon State played like a red-headed stepchild wanting respect from a step-sibling.  The Beavers didn't get the win, but all will agree they earned the respect of the Ducks and the college football world.

Final Score
Oregon St. 35
#13 Oregon 36

There were many games today that had underdogs gaining respect and in some cases upsets over their ranked conference rivals. But none, and I mean NONE, was bigger than the Alabama vs Auburn game that matched winners of the past four BCS championships.  It was the #1 Crimson Tide versus the #4 Tigers.  To put it into perspective, the ending fireworks saw mouths drop open, beer spilled over and heads shaking in disbelief on an eye popping return off a failed field goal attempt. The game has altered the BCS bowl picture and analysts are already anointing the final play as one of the best ever.  It was goliath vs goliath and the rankings were thrown out the window.  There are more rivalry week games to be played tonight, but none, and again I mean NONE, can end with as big a bang as this Alabama vs Auburn classic.

Final Score
#1 Alabama 28
#4 Auburn 34

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