Wednesday, November 20, 2013

NFL Player Safety Question and Answer

While tuned into the O'Connell & Steinmetz show on 95.7FM The Game, I listened while both, call-in fans and guest interviewees, took cracks at answering the following question:

Should The Consumer/Fan Care About Player Safety?

One of the two show hosts made a very good point about how anyone playing sports takes on a certain amount of "assumed risk" when participating.

Former Tennessee Titans tight end Frank Wychek, who admitted to his share of concussions incurred while playing professional football, expressed his concerns about player safety but also worries that the changes in the game are making it harder for defensive players to play with a passion and fans to appreciate that part of the game.

Frank Wycheck says he's totally against the new NFL rules

As for the Best Answer I heard from a call-in fan, that goes to a caller by the name of Shaun.   Shaun represented the primitive man in all us fans right down to the core.   He spoke for all those who love good'ol fashion defense with names like Butkus, Nagerski, Lambert, Lott, Deacon, Alzado and Long, just to name a few.  The lasting line of Shaun's that stuck with me and I'm sure other listeners was this:

Sometimes You Gotta Carry People Off!

Shaun, I couldn't have said it better. It might not sound politically correct, but we're not talking politics, we're talking Football, American Football dammit! And in American Football, you launch, you horse collar, you collide with abandon, whatever it takes within your athletic ability to keep that opponent from attaining his goal. And yer damn right, Sometimes a player injured by a defenders hellacious hit must be carried off the field.

Article: Can Madden shift attitudes on player safety?

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