Friday, October 11, 2013

Verlander Ends Oakland A's Postseason

Its definitely a "wait till next year" feeling in the bay area.  The Oakland A's put up a good fight trying to get to the American League Championship, but in game 5 of the divisional series Detroit's Justin Verlander, the A's killer, delivered the knockout punch with a 3-0 Tigers win.

In 2012 the A's season ended in the exact same manner, Verlander winning a 3-0 game 5.  At least in 2012 the cross-bay team was able to revenge the loss with a sweep of Detroit in the World Series.  Unfortunately, this year's champion will not hail from the Oakland-San Francisco region.

Congratulations Oakland Athletics for a great baseball season.  I can't wait till next season when a Verlander silencer steps up to the plate.

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