Friday, October 25, 2013

St. Louis Cards Even Series @ 99mph

After a disastrous World Series game 1 loss to Boston, the St. Louis Cardinals came back in game 2 and showed that they too can take advantage of mistakes made by their opponent.  You can read about those mistakes at espn.  I write about the game mainly as a reminder to myself and those thinking the AL will dominate the series, that the NL champs have just as good a chance of winning it all, if not better.  Why? Ask the scorching baseball trailing heat above.

St. Louis has got pitching and good pitching has been known to win over good hitting.  I don't understand why the Cardinals keep pitching to Dave Ortiz though.  The big P has a home run in each game so far.  Between pitchers Wacha, Martinez and closer Trevor Rosenthal, who I consider the baddest hurler on the mound, the Cards were dominant in striking out a combined twelve Red Sox hitters. They allowed only 4 hits. Winning equation; keep men off the bases and lessen the blow of big P. Strike him out and make his presence meaningless.

Trevor Rosenthal closing out the 9th with Heat

So far each game has gone to the team with the least amount of errors and mistakes.  After game 1, I thought maybe the Red Sox were in a lucky, destiny rides again, groove and would possibly make quick work of the struggling Cardinals team.  But game 2 has shown that on any given night of the series, the ball can bounce either way for either team.  

Gotta tune in and watch Saturday's game 3, the first game hosted by the Cardinals.  If the pattern holds, the team that gets the kiss of luck first will most likely win the game.  The big doubt in this series is the pattern; its as unpredictable as an earthquake. Does no DH for Boston saturday mean no Dave Ortiz? uh ohh!

Final Score (Game 2)
Cardinals 4
Red Sox 2

series tied 1-1

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