Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Ticket Scam Advisory - A's Fans Beware

I came across this post on craigslist.  If it can save one poor soul from being scammed, then its worth the repost. Good Luck!


A's fans be advised: Hard tickets purchased for cash are NOT safe - $2 (So know who you are buying from or ..)

get them electronically. All Athletics tickets can be sent by ticket-relay by anyone. Once that is done the hard tickets are dead. Just as if they had been used for entrance. So unless you are buying from someone you know or a ticket-broker, be careful. When I do, I always enter the ticket codes into my relay account to validate them. This will just tell you whether the ticket is still good. It will not protect you from someone entering the ticket codes into ticket-relay and relaying to tickets to someone else. Again if they do that, your tickets will be dead. So to really protect yourself have the seller relay the tickets to you. This generates a new bar code and only you will have it.

I guarantee this post will be flagged and deleted quickly by all the crooks and scammers out there. That is because they do not want the truth to get out. If you read this post check back later to see if is still here. I will try to re-post it when I can.

The $2 refers the small charge they used to charge for ticket-relay. Now they do not charge. Since anyone can do ticket-relay there is now no reason not to.

Many of you have seen this same post regarding Giants tickets. Since the Oakland Athletics are in the playoffs, their tickets will the focus of the scammers. Same principal here. They will sell the hard tickets that have already been transferred. So they are dead and there is nothing you can do about it. Like the Giants, the A's will say they are sorry for your loss but not replace the tickets. If you had paid by Paypal at least you would get your money back. Make sure you get acknowledgement from Ticket Services that you had the tickets. They will not give them back to you.
Have any of you ever heard of Giants Ticket relay? It allows a ticket holder/person to code into the site the ticket serial numbers and then email or "relay" the tickets to somebody else. But, guess what happens to the hardcopy ticket that was just relayed? It gets resold as a hardcopy ticket. Now there are two tickets. If one ticket beeps through the turnstile then the other one becomes invalid because the first person is already in the park......get it?

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