Monday, October 07, 2013

Raiders Apply Rule #2 - Double Tap

Rule #2 of Zombieland – Double Tap.

You think it’s dead (technically it was before you shot it), one more makes 100% sure.

Last night's Oakland Raiders game was truly a thing of beauty, watching the underdog silver & black put together a complete game against rival San Diego with its so called high-powered offense.  In an unusual 8:35pm Sunday night showdown at the Coliseum, thanks to the Oakland A's postseason play, the two teams met to decide which would go chasing after the AFC West division leaders and which would take a seat in the division cellar.

It would turn out that the (2-3) Oakland Raiders, led by electrifying QB Terrelle Pryor, are the better team and deserving of going after the two (5-0) division leaders.  The Raiders jumped on the Chargers early in all phases of the game.  In the second half they let up a bit, allowing Chargers QB Phillip Rivers to infuse his team with new life that was enough to bring back thoughts of last week's Redskins comeback against the Raiders.

But the Raiders would not allow themselves to be bitten again by an opponent who they'd subdued early.  This week's second half would find the Raiders applying Zombieland's Rule #2 as they caused fumbles, intercepted passes, converted key first downs and continued to put points on the board to ensure that the crusty, stinking corpse did not recharge.  The double tap never fails. Just follow the rules baby!
Chargers 17
Raiders 27

note: Josh Freeman signs with the Minnesota Vikings

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