Sunday, October 20, 2013

Prince Fielder Base-Running Flop

I first must congratulate the Boston Red Sox on their ALCS victory last night over the Detroit Tigers.  The Sox showed they're the best American League team and earned their way to representing it in the World Series.

That being said, did you see the blown base running and fielding plays by Detroit that fall under the heading of "Atrocious?"  The fielding play might be excused as a physically unable to perform play, but the Fielder play had all the symptoms of a brain-fart on the field and exposed the big man's mental capacity, or lack thereof, in grasping all aspects of the game of baseball.  I won't say that the misplay was all on Prince, but that big flopping body coming up short in an attempt to get back to third base was appalling and embarrassing to watch.  Forget the fact the slugger hasn't had an RBI in his last three post season series, not games, series.   "COME'ON MAN!"

But enough about a clueless Fielder, the ALCS Champion Boston Red Sox baited their time against Tigers pitching ace Max Scherzer, who in 6 1/3 innings allowed one run and had the Sox hitters flabbergasted. Credit the Sox defense and pitching for keeping them in it. Many are questioning why manager Jim Leyland didn't keep Scherzer in the game with a 2-1 lead.  After 110 pitches, Scherzer was still throwing 94mph with decent location.  The Tigers have a gem in the 29yr old Cy Young candidate. I expect he'll use this post season as a spring board for future appearances.

Final Score
Tigers 2
Red Sox 5

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