Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Golden State Warriors Playoff Bound!

The Golden State Warriors are a professional basketball team playing out of Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. First established in Philadelphia, PA. in 1946, then moving to San Francisco, CA. in 1962 until finally settling in Oakland where they won their only NBA championship on the west coast in 1975.

Last night the Warriors clinched their first playoff appearance in six years, their second in nineteen (dammmmn.)  To basketball fans outside the bay area its no big deal, just a quiet congratulations.  But to those of us living here who've tuned in, turned off and tuned in again to see if maybe this could be the season; THIS IS THE SEASON. 

These Warriors might not be elite in the likes of the Heat or Thunder, but they've earned an elite title here in the bay by bringing back playoff basketball.  Made up of a group of unknown all-stars, the Warriors are a team that can get hot and make playoff life miserable for some annointed franchise, ahem.  They're a young team that's growing into greatness and the playoff stage might just be the place we'll see them mature.

Under second year coach Mark Jackson, MJ of Knick's lore, they've learned how to play defense and finish on offense.  The Warriors no longer need put up 130 pts to slay their opponent. That has been their moniker for as long as I can remember.  But with defensive minded coach Jackson, the Warriors

can defensively stop an opponent's offensive aggression while plying their own brand of offensive attack, and believe me, they've got loads of weapons in their arsenal.

Its no longer a bunch of "We Believe" hopefuls stumbling into a surprising Warriors playoff push, but a seasoned band of bay area brothers and sisters singing and bopping to the beat of "We Belong".  Its a mardi gras moment for sports in the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Area, and the Warriors of Oakland are stompin their way to the the grand stage of professional basketball.

The Golden State Warriors are coming to the 2013 NBA Playoffs.  And if you're a fan of a team they'll be matched against, I give you this little bit of bay area advice; the longer the time between earthquakes the stronger the expectant tremor. Feels like earthquake weather to me folks.

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