Saturday, April 27, 2013

Warriors Come Out To Play - Can U Dig It!

It might be the start of baseball season in the bay, but the Golden State

Warriors have silenced the bats of critics and opponents with their amazing shooting and team first playing style.

Last night in Oakland, the Warriors took a 2-1 game lead in the best of seven series against the Denver Nuggets. Never mind that Denver is a number 3 seed and Golden State a number 6, this is the Playoffs where playas come to play and ballers come to ball.

These games are not meant to be played or watched by a bunch of wimps. The level of play is high, the competition intense and the stage colossal.  If there is "no crying in baseball" then in basketball you better not let your head droop, because any hint of a weakness gives your opponent strength.

Last night's game, with the Warriors trailing by 12 points, the young squad of rooks and renegades teamed up to keep their playoff drive alive with a come from behind edge of your seat thriller. The team, the W-H-O-L-E team executed the basics in basketball (pass, shoot, defend).

The Bay Area is proud to say wWe Believe ourselves to be the luckiest sports region in the country with teams that know how to put on a show and not get stage fright.

Good Luck Warriors on your journey toward discovering feelings of Greatness.

Final Score

Denver 108
Golden State 110

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