Sunday, April 14, 2013

Champions Tag Chicago Cubs

Who better than championship speech icon Hunter Pence to rewrite a baseball game in Chicago in the ninth. 
With the Giants down to their last strike, and facing a split of the four-game series against a woeful team, Pence hit a slider over the ivy in left-center field for the Giants' first home run in 46 innings to tie the game
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Yes Giants fans, Pence let his bat do the talking and with one swing silenced the Chicago hopefuls.  The Home run out over the ivy walled outfield tied the game 7-7 in the top of the ninth. The Giants would go on to win it in the tenth with three runs, one off a pitcher's balk.  Honestly though, after the Pence Punch the Cubs were wobbly and dazed, setup for the short joe louis and a hook to the nose.

I feel for the cubbies, they're a loveable team with character that goes back to the days of "Tinker, to Evers to Chance."  But on this Sunday the San Francisco Giants, winner of two World Championships in the last three years, would be showing character in their come from behind win to stun the Chicago faithful and show the baseball world that their more than just a bunch of extrordary pitchers. 

The man to thank for getting it going is the man who lit a fire beneath their britches in last season's championship run; Hunter Pence.

Pence, you are truly a Sparta Warrior throwback playing by Spartan rules. No Retreat, No Surrender!

Giants 10
Cubs 7

Giants took three of four games in Chicago and with a 9-4 record lead the NL West

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