Monday, April 15, 2013

What To Make of Boston Marathon Blast?

My prayers go out not only to the Boston victims of a senseles bombing today, but victims of bombings worldwide. Wikipedia has put together a running list of terrorist incidents of 2013.  Today's incident has been added to that list.  It is the only bombing incident this year to terrorize outside Southeast Asia, Africa or the Middle East. Bombs do not discriminate, people do.

What scared me almost as much as the news of this tragedy is a book I came across when browsing for facts on today's bombing.  The book describes the FBI's manufactured war on terrorism. Published in January of this year, it gives some incredible facts about our Federal Bureau of Investigations using less than trust worthy paid informants and extreme methods to ensnare muslims in terrorist plots, which are in reality conceived and financed by the FBI. 

Written by a reputable investigative reporter, The Terror Factory makes one question if we've actually created the very threat we fear.  If today's incident in any way ties into something our government agency did or didn't do, then we'd better prepare for the fiction that's becoming reality in our lives.

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