Saturday, March 23, 2013

March Madness Is HERE!

Its here and its Hot!  March Madness has busted down the doors of spring and awakened us fans to the zany world of college basektball once again.  Already the tears of heartbreak are rolling down one's cheeks while the victor is crying joyfully as he's mobbed by grateful teammates and loyal fans who made the trip.

Its the Madness of March, and for those who are spending every moment checking in on NCAA scores and highlights I say seize the day and enjoy.  If you're a betting man and plunked down some bread on a longshot, goooood Luuuuuck!

As for me, I'm gonna take a step back this season and watch from afar.  With so much going on in many of our lives these days, March Madness can either be a distracting blessing or a time consuming curse.  I'll try catching up around the days of the elite-eight.  Until then my fanatical friends, may your basketball feast this march be fun and filling.  Eat hardy!

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