Monday, April 29, 2013

Did You See The Human Torch go 'Flame On' Sunday Night?

They're calling it one of, if not thee best NBA playoff performance by an individual player...... period.

Stephen Curry, OUR Steph Curry, lit up the professional sports world with a dazzling display of long range basketball shooting that was legendary

He did it while riddled with injuries and following a very lackluster first half against the Denver Nuggests in Game 4 of the western conference playoffs.  The networks will be playing the highlights of his incredible feat for years to come, but they're joining the party late and will have to catch up on the Steph beats.

What Steph did, scoring 23pts in the third quarter, is no surprise to us bay area basketball fans who told the league they'd made a big mistake not naming him an all-star this season.  As Biggie once said in a rap, "If U Don't Know, Now U Know." 

Not only did Steph show the skill of a gifted athlete, he exhibited the grit and toughness of a wounded leader who would not let his teammates down against a fiesty opponent led by a crafty, crazed looking coach in George Karl.  The Nuggets can shoot with the best. They're the highest scoring team in the NBA this season and were lights out at home before the Warriors visited. 

But with all the expectations of a Nuggets game 4 resurgence, this Sunday night they appeared completely shocked by Steph's back-from-the-dead act in the third. Can you blame them? By the quarter's end you had Nuggets players, coaches and a few bold fans looking like powder blue smurfs caught inside a golden goliath's lair. There was nowhere for them to hide.

Steph has given the sports networks and analysts their homework in coming up with a better individual performance in NBA playoff history.  Jordan, Reed, Bird, Magic, was that earthshaking.

Steph Freakin' Curry, you've earned the moniker Human Torch.  FLAME ON!
Final Score

Nuggets 101
Warriors 115

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