Saturday, December 08, 2012

What's in a Name? Pomp, Style, Elegance: Garçon

Pierre Garçon

(English pronunciation: /piˈɛər ɡɑrˈsoʊn/)

Its all in the pronunciation for this Washington Redskins wide receiver who hails from my neck of the woods in upstate New York.  He learned from one of the best in Indianapolis colts receiver and future HOF'er Marvin Harrison.  In this his fifth season, the 2008 sixth rd draft pick is matching the sound of his exotic french-haitian name with exotic stats and eye-catching highlight reel plays on the field.

We here in these united states of north america might not welcome much anything that carries a taint of french (french fries are Not french), but in our sports world we've taken a liken to announcing a player's name that not only sounds of the arrogant richness of french cuisine, but gives the speaker an air of elegance and pomp when saying it.

Where else but in the NFL, with its many flavors from from various lands, can a dish so french sound and taste so delicious.

 Judgement is in; Garcon Is a #1 wide receiver

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