Thursday, December 06, 2012

Peyton Manning Joins This Legendary Battle

The night of the week might have changed, but the heated hatred and traditional vengeance these two teams feel towards one another continues to flourish. There was a time young fans, when horse collars, late hits on quarterbacks and concussed opponents were rewards of a dominating defense. 

Tonight's game is likely to be a throwback to those times of old, when players played and referrees were there to stop play while a broken body was carted off the field. The Raiders and Broncos know that in this Thursday Night NFL matchup, ghosts of seasons long past come back to terrorize and tease, haunt and harrass the football world with ole'skool bullying.  Nothing soft, nothing censored.

Tonight's game comes with a warning; "viewer disecration is advised." So put away the kids, kiss the sweety goodnight and plop your oversized keister into that favorite sports seating device. The Raiders & Broncos clash tonight, and there will be blood.

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