Sunday, December 09, 2012

Pacman Never Saw Marquez Knockout Punch!

There are rare moments in sports where time truly stands still.  Fans everywhere can recall exactly where they were and how they responded to the win, lose or draw of that moment.

Last night, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao was knocked out cold by Juan Manuel Marquez with a second or so left in the sixth round. It was a moment that paralyzed every fan watching. Even Marquez seemed stunned immediately afterwards. It was a moment of screaming silence.

Pacman never saw the short right punch coming as it buckled him to the canvas face first, motionless for much of two minutes.  He never saw it, the punch that would stun the faithful Filipino fans and send Latinos into a frenzied celebration.

By the time Manny knew who he was and where he was, Marquez, busted up nose and all,  had celebrated on the ropes in triumph and toweled off before visiting the Pacman on the stool in his corner to make sure all was well. It was.

My personal view on the fight is that Pacman was the aggressor and Marquez the counter puncher.  Pacman, after being knocked down and then getting a knockdown of Marquez, had become more aggressive and was controlling the fight in a frenzied pace.  It looked in the sixth round as if Pacman could've ended it and was going all out to do so in the final seconds.  There is where the smarts and training of Juan Manuel Marquez took over to win the fight.  Marquez knew the aggressive mode Manny was in and cunningly waited and baited until just at the right moment. Boom!!!!!!!! Down Goes Manny!
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