Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vick Chosen To Give Commencement Speech

Michael Vick

Well folks, the votes are in at the Camelot educational institution in Philadelphia for this year's school graduation commencement speaker. And the winner is the NFL's 2010 comeback player of the year, Eagle's quarterback Michael Vick.

Vick out balloted Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter and schools superintendent Dr. Arlene Ackerman in a poll among students.

Not surprising, since the Camelot schools work with kids at risk for dropping out of school, as well as those with behavioral and emotional issues. The kids probably identify more with Michael Vick because of his questionable behavior issues and how he's overcome them.

Vick was convicted and incarcerated for his participation in a dog-fighting business. The NFL gave him a second chance and Vick has succeeded above and beyond expectations of everybody. Everybody that is, with the exception of Michael Vick. He has taken advantage of being given a second chance and has made the most of that opportunity.

It seems that kids who are at risk today find it hard relating to successful professionals and politicians simply because they do not see the struggles and sacrifices made by these individuals to attain their success.

Though many successful professionals may have come from well-to-do, upper-class families, I'm sure a high percentage had to scrape and scrap while working and attending college starving and broke. So is the divide that wide between the haves and the have nots of today that underprivileged kids choose role models based on their perception of one's struggle to attain success? Maybe its the rooting for the underdog against those favored to succeed. Or could race possibly play a part in students' decisions?

Whatever the reason(s), and I'm sure they're varied, Michael Vick says that he is "honored to be speaking at their commencement." He recognizes that the students, like himself, were able to turn their lives around and take advantage of an opportunity given them to succeed.

I'm sure that this year's Camelot graduation commencement speech will be one that'll live in the hearts of its graduates for the rest of their lives. I hope the Michael Vick haters, who call themselves good practicing christians yet can't find an ounce of forgiveness for a repentant soul, will remove the blinds from their eyes and see the giving deeds of Vick. Maybe then they'll find that most talked about attribute of christianity, love and forgiveness, for a man who once was lost but now appears to be found. They should do this not for Vick's sake mind you, but for themselves and those they feel a need to judge.

"Let he among you without sin, cast the first stone" John 8:7

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