Thursday, May 26, 2011

Posey Out For The Season - Bummer

Anybody Get The Word On Posey?

The San Francisco Giants will have to go it alone, without catcher/cleanup hitter Buster Posey to lead them to another championship. Posey got his leg smashed up in a collision at the plate last night when a Florida Marlin came barreling down on him at the plate. If you were watching and saw Posey worming and wriggling on the ground in pain after the play, you knew then and there that the injury could be season threatening for him. It Was!

Posey is out for the season and backup catcher Eli Whiteside takes his place for now. Its a huge blow to the Giants attempt at returning to the World Series. But one man does not make a champion. The Giants are a bunch of scrappers and they'll continue fighting like bulldog terriers to defend their hard earned championship. But today's news makes us Giants fans feel more like a lonesome labrador with nobody to play catch with.

I wish Buster a full and speedy recovery with hopes that he'll comeback strong and still fearless next season. Meanwhile, the incident leaves me questioning yet again the rule book that allows base runners to launch their bodies like a linebacker, at catchers defending the plate. Posey never saw what hit him. Maybe its time to make this part of baseball an american past time. Do it for the players if not for the fans of the game.

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