Sunday, May 22, 2011

Giants Sweep Bay Bridge Series

With Jonathan Sanchez pitching like a GIANT through seven innings, the Oakland A's found a way to make the San Francisco Giants sweat through yet another nail-biter.

The Giants lost their two run lead in the seventh, then tied it back up with a guess who.............,Nate Schierholtz, home run in the bottom of the eighth. The game would go into extra innings and that's when Giants manager Bruce Bochy's secret weapon came into play. The secret weapon is code named "Bochy's Bullet."

Bottom of the 11th still tie, Giants speedster Darren Ford, nicknamed "the bullet," gets a base hit then does what is second nature to him; he stole second.

Up to the plate comes the other team speedster, Emmanuel Burriss, one of the heroes from Friday night's win. Burriss smacks the first pitch into short right field and "the bullet" was past third on his way home before you had a chance to swallow.

A's right fielder Ryan Sweeney made a heck of a throw to home but A's catcher Kurt Suzuki seemed to hear the whizzing of the bullet's approach and couldn't handle the very close tag at the plate. Many, myself included, thought the bullet was out, but a rolling baseball in the dirt as the Giants dugout emptied out like it was game 7 of the world series told me the bullet was safe and the ballgame over with yet another exciting Giants win.

Like I've said before when talking about the Giants world series championship; its the gift that just keeps on giving. They're currently playing like champions.

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