Sunday, May 15, 2011

Too Big To Prosecute - Inside Job

Again, the billion dollar question is put on the table; why has no wall street or financial executive been prosecuted in connection with the financial crisis that has maimed America's economy and workforce?

Experience has shown me that when a wrong has been committed and those involved with carrying out the wrong are involved or leading the investigation of it, justice is the last thing you'll see come out of such an investigation.

The financial crisis of 2008 is a telltale sign of where the power lies in this country. That old cliche of "follow the money" rears its head up yet again to remind us that capitalism trumps democracy every time. If those who are making the laws in a democracy are also unfairly benefitting from those same laws, isn't there a conflict of interest in their activities?

If I proclaim myself smarter than a fifth grader, I should be able to connect the dots and determine how Money, Power and Privilege equates to No Prosecution of wrongs. The practices of those in power have had cracks that leak their wrongdoings in the past. However, today when power shows a crack in its foundation, it trickles down to the average citizen and that citizen today is armed with a media that is not owned by those with power; The Internet.

So when the question arises today about why nobody has been prosecuted for the country's debilitating financial crisis, the average joe can probably answer that question better than the out-of-touch power brokers who can laughingly afford to ignore or deny that the crisis really impacted the country in such a devastating way. No harm, no foul!

If I help make and regulate the rules, who are you to tell me that I've broken the rules? And if I allow myself to be prosecuted, who will run the country? The President? Pleeease!

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