Sunday, May 29, 2011

How To Transform Education

We're constantly hearing about the importance of education and the low grade given our school systems in California in particular and America in general.

Coming from a family with a teaching background I recognize when in a classroom, not whether that teacher is knowledgeable, but whether he or she is reaching myself and/or the rest of the class. Its a gift that I treasure having, discerning the connection between teacher and student, but also its one I wish more could develop. I feel its the strongest quality a teacher can possess; inter-connectivity.

Unfortunately, the emphasis in teaching today seems to be more on giving the information and less on how well that information is given or, for that matter, received. The American dream begins with a child's educational training. It seems our country is settling for her children receiving a mediocre education and being proud of it, leaving her ranked in the 20's in education internationally. So who's accountable?

Well, after hearing Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson (former NBA star) and his fiancee Michelle Rhee discuss and answer questions about education at a Commonwealth Club event in San Francisco, I've determined that we adults should all be held accountable for the education of our children and the future of our country.

I learned so much just by listening to these two intelligent leaders talk common sense about the struggles of education in California. They're a "power couple" we as Californians should be thankful to have battling for us in our state government. If President Barak Obama and First Lady Michelle are half as tight as Kevin and Michelle, our country is in good hands.

Kevin Johnson - "You have to stick to your principles, but you have to abandon your assumptions"

In a time that sees our country in need of strong leadership, its comforting to know there are those in leadership positions stepping up to meet the challenge.

"A Fredo Moment"

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