Sunday, May 01, 2011

Book of Revelations

After hearing of Donald Trump attaching his political wagon to the caboose requesting proof of President Barak Obama's birth certificate showing citizenship, I was reminded of a book I'd read many years ago by Irving Wallace titled "The Man."

I suppose I should thank Mr. Trump for triggering a memorable enlightening moment in my young life. Until I'd read Irving Wallace's well written novel I was so naive to the challenges the first Black President would face, not from foreign governments and world organizations mind you, but from that known as the American fabric of western civilization; the American peoples.

The American people and many of its leaders have shown in 2 1/2 years of the Obama Administration what Irving Wallace fictionalized so well in his 1964 New York Times #1 best selling book "The Man"; a black man with all the wit, smarts, respectability and integrity of any leader in American history will struggle more from his skin color than anything else in trying to lead the country and free world forward during turbulent times. Donald Trump has helped confirm that in the year 2011, "Race" in these United States matters.

My Amazon.Com Review of Irving Wallace's "The Man"

This is one of the first books I was entranced by, once I started reading novels. It truly launched my joy and discovery of reading fiction.

The Man, written in 1964, is a story about a black man becoming united states president by line of succession. The vice presidency was vacant because of the incumbent's death. Then a freak accident kills the president and speaker of the house, catapulting the president pro tempore of the senate, a young black senator, into the unenviable role of the first black president of the united states.

Its been years since I read this book, but so great was its influence on me and so powerful its truth, that it changed my view of reading forever by broadening the genre of what I read as well as how I read. I have the great author of this book, Irving Wallace, to thank for writing a book that appealed to a young man who only saw value in reading instructional or historical related books. Mr. Wallace introduced me to the meaning of the infamous quote by Jessamyn West; "Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures."

I write this review many years later because of today's opposition toward and attacks on the integrity of president barack obama, the realworld first black president of the united states. I recommend this book to all citizens of the united states to read in this year, 2011. Hopefully, yesterday's fiction can reveal obscured truths about the reality of race today.

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