Monday, January 12, 2009


This weekend's NFL Divisional Playoff games made fools of us all. The defending champion NY Giants were dethroned by the Eagles. The Pride of the AFC, the Tennessee Titans, were deflowered by the Ravens. San Dog's loss to the Steelers wasn't too much of a surprise, with Ladanian Tomlinson out of the lineup. And then there's the biggie; the Cardinals of Arizona took apart the tough defense of the Carolina Panthers in the NFC.

The Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals. Desert Storm. Kurt Warner & The Birds. You can call'em what you want to, the Arizona Cardinals are not only playing in their first NFC Championship game in the modern era, their hosting it. And many are favoring them over the Philadelphia Eagles to represent the NFC in Super Bowl XLIII. Count Me In!

The Cardinals of Arizona have looked every bit the part of a champion this post season with two wins under their belt. They very well may be the Giants of 07 with one exception; Nobody Believes It.

If the Arizona Cardinals advance to the Super Bowl and win it all, it'll be hailed as the most shocking Championship run ever. Sure the N.Y. Giants won three games on the road against tough opponents, but they had a high ranked defense to ride on. The Cardinals are riding their own momentum, that's all. They seem like a team transformed and transfixed. Their coach has them believing they are Champions and it's reflected in their style of play.

Yes, the Arizona Cardinals are rewriting Football History and we're fortunate enough to witness it in HD.

Look out sports world, you're roaming into Cardinal territory. It still just doesn't sound real does it?

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