Friday, January 16, 2009

Jon Gruden "Chucked" Out of Tampa Bay

I wonder if Gruden's firing is indirectly related to the Bucs loss to the Oakland Raiders; the loss that knocked them out of the playoffs. I suppose that 31-24 Raiders win can now be added to the Silver & Black treasure chest of games that rocked the league. There has been a "fire-Jon-Gruden fan campaign for some time. I guess some Buccaneer fans have the Raiders to thank for getting their wish.

Headline: Jon Gruden Fired in Tampa Bay!

Imagine Gruden's sneer when he got the Friday afternoon boot. I don't think anyone saw it coming, least of all Chucky himself. Here's the way I picture the exchange:

Hey Jon, I've called you into my office to give you some news that hurts me more than anything. These past seven years with you at the helm of the Buccaneer battleship has been a wonderful adventure. You took our team to that next level and won us a championship, and for that I am grateful. Nobody in Tampa will ever say it was a Tony Dungy built team that won it all. Tony may have built it, but you drove it to the finish line Jon and nobody can take that away from you. But you're driving skills have diminished and that last crash and burn against a silver and black hoopty is unacceptable. Actually, it was downright embarassing, getting knocked out of the playoffs by a hoopty out of Oaktown. The stockholders have made their decision and I'm backing it Jon.

Now I need you to get in that Chuckymobile you arrived in 7 years ago and drive yo Ass out of our Buccaneer complex, pronto. Your fired!

Buccaneers fire Gruden after late collapse.

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