Thursday, April 26, 2007

SF Giants Sweep L.A.

Duck The Fodgers!

The San Francisco Giants are the Hot team in the NL West. Eight straight road wins, including three against the Fodgers. Yeah, those stinking Fodgers who caught the Giants as the season began and made life difficult for all. Guess it was time to return the favor, and what better way to do it than a three game sweep against the division leading Fodgers in Los Angeles. Well, the Fodgers ain't leading much of anything as of tonight, because the Giants hold the NL West lead. Our lead may only be a few percentage points, but heck, we'll rejoice in it.

Even Armando Benitez, the one Giants player who consistently gets booed at home, is now playing like the closer we'd hoped for. And Armando can thank the Fodgers for giving him back his confidence and fastball. Do I forsee "Please Marry Me Armando" placards around AT&T Park when the Giants return? Anything is possible in this season of downs and ups.

There's plenty more games to be played, but as of tonight, my Giants are sitting pretty atop the NL West after dethroning the Fodgers in L.A., Life is Good! Especially when you find your team at the broom handle end of a three game SWEEP!

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