Friday, April 13, 2007

Be On The Lookout For This Offender

Alright, don't go calling in on the Amber Alert just yet. I know the picture above looks murderesque, but please don't be alarmed.

Its only newly signed Oakland Raiders Offensive Tackle Cooper Carlisle. The four year veteran comes over to the Silver & Black after learning how to chop block in Denver. Its okay though, as they say, no harm no foul. And besides, he's now a Raider.

The Raiders new coaching staff are revamping the offensive line with experienced yet young players. Cooper C., the former Gator, has also shown he can catch those red zone touchdowns; he's scored one for Denver.
To be honest, if his style of play can match that criminally insane bipolar look of his, our 'O'-line will be impregnable this coming season. I watch enough horror and gangster movies to recognize that blank, empty look of a psycho. He's Michael Myers (without the hockey mask) and Machine Gun Kelly rolled into one.

Welcome to the Oakland Raiders Cooper C., you animal. Now go get'em boy!
Sorry bout the Amber comment Coop, but you did just leave Denver.

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