Friday, May 04, 2007

Golden State Warriors Legendary Playoff Win!

When it comes to great sports stories we tend to use analogies and comparisons to define and rank incredible moments. It seems there's always a fitting past moment or fable to go along with the miraculous sporting event of the day.

Not Today. Not for this mornings' Golden State Warriors, who knocked off the top seeded Dallas Mavericks 4 games to 2 in their best of seven first round playoff series. No numer 8 seed has won a NBA seven game series, ever. And not only did the Warriors win, but they did it with a style all their own with plenty of drama for all the stars twinkling in expensive courtside seats.

Yes, The GOlden State Warriors are writing a storybook for all basketball fans to read. A first novel that has all the spice and intrigue of a bestseller with hints of past sports heroics.

For the Bay Area, last nights game is right up there with "The Catch" from 49ers lore. Like the '81' Niners, the Warriors haven't won much of anything for quite some time. Almost an entire generation of kids have grown up without ever seeing a winning professional basketball team in the Bay Area. Last night changed that.

Shades of the 70's New York Knicks star Willis Reed limping back onto the basketball court to help his team finish off a rival team and win a playoff series. Baron fits the bill.

How about the memory of Michael Jordan shrugging his shoulders after making yet another three point playoff game clinching shot as if he just can't understand the zone he's in either? Stephen Jackson was zoning.

All that and much more were on display at Oracle Arena in Oakland last night as the Warriors finished off the Dallas Mavericks 111-86. Oh, did you see the Matt Barnes SLAM DUNK? Over mvp Dirk Novitski?Beautiful!

Baron Davis
Stephen Jackson
Matt Barnes
Jason Richardson
Michael Pietrus
Andris Biedrins
Monta Ellis
Al Harrington
Josh Powell
Old Man Foyle

Thank you all Golden State Warriors for bringing winning basketball back to the Bay Area. Thanks for giving us a LEGENDARY playoff series topping it off with a truly LEGENDARY night. We now have LEGENDARY hopes throughout the rest of the 2007 NBA Playoffs and seasons to come.


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