Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Not the Warriors of 1980's Coney Island lore, but the Warriors of 2007 Oaktown fame are coming out to play in this season's NBA Playoffs.

We as Warriors fans are just happy to have made the playoffs, but it appears the team's sites are on winning in the Playoffs. And honestly, they're playing like a team that expects to win.

Watching them beat up on the second and third string Dallas Mavericks the other night and the Portland Trailblazers tonight convinced me that the Warriors believe they belong, and who's to say they don't. It may turn out that the biggest mistake the Mavericks made this season was allowing the Warriors to dominate them in their last regular season meeting. Because when the two teams meet in the first round of the Playoffs, the Warriors will start out believing they can't lose based on a 5-0 season record against the Mavericks.

So if I were Avery Johnson, coach of the Mavericks, I'd begin drilling my players on the importance of the Playoffs being a new season and quickly forgetting last season. The question is can they forget?

As for the Golden State Warriors, getting out of the first round and all the way to the Championship game could be as tough as fighting rival gangs from the Bronx to Coney Island. But again, this ain't your past years Warriors team. And compared to this Warriors team, all other NBA teams are "Just A Bunch Of Wimps."

Congratulations Golden State Warriors for making believers out of us all. They're not the same old warriors, not this year. Woe Nellie! Playoffs!

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