Saturday, April 21, 2007

Cheerleader Blog?

Well don't just sit there with your mouse in hand looking like a starved netsurfing pervert. Click on the link to "The Professional Cheerleader Blog" and get your daily dose of sports spice. Seems April is known for more than just the NFL Draft. Cheerleader tryouts have already begun and you don't wanna miss the hot candidates now do you? Especially those candidates with little smarts, less talent but the best enhanced racks and collagen injected lipz money can buy. These Bikini Bimbos usually don't make it out of the first round of cuts, so you better catch'em quick.

Seriously though, this site dedicated to Professional Cheerleaders is a place to check out. Cheerleaders really do do more than just jump up and down at sporting events. They travel the globe raising funds and awareness for many charity foundations. They are ambassador-ettes of goodwill for sports.

So do try reading a bit about these vibrant women. Many are much more than just eye-candy. See Raiderettes tryout articles, April 20-21.

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