Wednesday, March 28, 2007

So What's 7ft. 9in basketball player Sun Ming Ming UP to?

Since last I wrote about 7 foot 9 inch Sun Ming Ming, he's moved up in basketball league status, literally. Back in February, Sun was playing for the Maryland Nighthawks of the ABA league, a basketball league formed in 1999. As of last week he's a Grand Rapids Flight teammate in the International Basketball League. So just who are the Grand Rapids Flight? Here's the ad I saw from December that said it all:

Breaking News From The FlightDeck
Wednesday, December 27th 7-9pm
Rivertown Sports
Cost $25

$25, Who Knew? I'd better check to see if there's an International Basketball League team in my neck of the woods. For $25, I may wanna lace up and take a shot at making the team. Old dreams of sports stardom sure die hard don't they?

Sun still has hopes of reaching the NBA in the not too distant future, but is focusing on improving his game right now.

In the following interview Sun appears comfortable talking in front of the cameras, but I found his accent made it a bit hard for me to understand his english. It didn't help that the lady interviewer, standing about crotch level to Sun, was treating him more like a circus freak than a potential basketball all-star. So much for American journalism. From what I can gather, he's a poor man's Yao Ming. But do give Sun credit, he may not have the training and political clout that Yao Ming had, but he seems to have the will to continue trying. So don't let anything keep you from attaining your goal Sun. Remember, "Eye of the Tiger." Keep it going Sun Ming Ming.

Interview with Sun Ming Ming

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