Friday, March 09, 2007

300 - No Retreat! No Surrender!

Just finished watching the newly released movie "300." I Loved It!

The story follows the Spartans as they fight the Battle of Thermopylae in Ancient Greece and the 300 Spartan warriors that defended their nation from millions of invading Persians.

The cinematography and simplicity of this story allows viewers to sit back and enjoy being visually entertained. I figured it would be similar to the movie "Gladiator" and I wasn't too far off the mark. The courage and leadership Russell Crowe brought to the screen in Gladiator is reflected by the lead actor playing Leoniedis in "300." Somehow though the visual effects in this Spartan Battle is graphically graceful with an artists touch as opposed to splatters of blood and guts throughout fighting scenes.

As some movie critics have deemed this movie comic-book like, I'd say they need to use what bit of art and imagination is left in their so called creative juices to recognize something new. You can't measure a new style of art by comparing it to an old masterpiece. That only gets you a cheap reproduction.

If ever a true story of a battle fought long ago has been beautifully depicted, this version of the Spartan stand against insurmountable battle odds is the one. No it doesn't give much of a history lesson, but a child of 8 can recognize its message of brave men courageously defending their land and way of life. And to be honest, with the visuals of the movie being so eyecatching, the acting becomes secondary to the movies' success.

The movie does bring out the fighting spirit of anyone watching. I think Raiders coach Kiffin should play this movie for the team before their first game. Its not the story of an underdog like Rocky Balboa rising to the challenge and giving a good fight. Its the story of men who've been trained from childhood to be warriors, raiders, Spartans; and the day has come to put all the training and past battle experience to the ultimate test, fighting as one unit. Definitely an "Us Against Them" scenerio, sound familiar Raider Fans?

Against overwhelming odds these 300 Spartans fight for their freedom, for their country, for Sparta. No Retreat! No Surrender! And should they go down in defeat, let it be at the sword of a worthy adversary.

With a Sword, A Spear, and a Shield they fight as men whose fate has led them to this day of battle. And it is truly a great day to die on the battlefield.

Long Live Sparta! Long Live the Raider Nation!

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deAnguelo said...

What a great critique, RaiderLegend! I totally agree with your synopsis of this "awe-inspiring" movie, and I challenge any reputable movie critic who 'dissed' this film, to a battle with you . . .