Monday, March 26, 2007


Author: Nega Mezlekia

Winner of the Governor General's Award

Growing up in Ethiopia
amidst Socio-economic and Political Change

A Very Enjoyable Read. So enjoyable that I wrote this Amazon Review encouraging others to read it:

If you enjoy a book showing you the real people, places and happenings that were "Once Upon A Time," then you may just find this book to be a treasure. I myself enjoyed the way this author held my inner voice's attention. It was almost as if I were sitting at his home while he spoke of the life experiences that make him the person now sitting before me. Because I'm such an avid reader, I did put this book down a few times to indulge in other reads. I did this knowing that when I'd pick it back up I'd have a great companion to spend time with. I almost hated to see the book conclude. The fact that I'm writing only my second or third amazon review says how much I enjoyed this read. Hope you decide to visit the Hyena's Belly. You won't be disappointed.

I learned while stil in the early chapters of this book that the author and editor had a falling out. Seems the editor wanted to claim authorship of all but a few pages of the book. I believe the editor lost her battle in court. The author has since written, without the same editor, at least one if not more books that carry the same magic as this one, proving him to be the gifted writer of Notes from the Hyena's Belly.

A Very Enjoyable Read. A Keeper.

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