Wednesday, March 21, 2007

NFL 2007 Strength of Schedule

And they say there's no conspiracy against the Oakland Raiders. Come on now, didn't we have the worst record in the league last season (2-14)? And somehow we're scheduled in 2007 to play the two conference champions? And didn't we play the two conference champions from the 2005 season, Pittsburgh and Seattle, last year? Either the NFL just loves the Raiders and wants to help generate revenue for the Silver and Black, or they've found a sure formula for making the Raiders earn victory through the toughest opposition. But that's okay commissioner. Its no suprise. We've actually come to expect a boot on our backs when we're down. It just makes us stronger and meaner. So look out Indianapolis and Chicago when you come to Oaktown this season. You just may find that the Raiders of 2007 ain't what the commish had in mind when scheduling this game.

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