Saturday, March 24, 2007

I CONFESS - I Enjoyed This Movie

You know you're over 40 when............

On a Saturday night date you return to your place to entertain her with a viewing of Alfred Hitchcock's 1953 suspense thriller "I Confess."

And you know your date is closing in on 40 or over if she actually enjoyed the classic black and white artistry of a Hitchcock film.

In watching this great classic for the first time I must say, I was suprised to find myself and my date rewinding the vcr, yes VCR as in pre-compact disc player media recording device, replaying visually seductive scenes that only Hitchcock could put together.

The lead actors (Montgomery Clift, Ann Baxter, Karl Malden) as well as the supporting cast give the viewer a performance so believable that you nearly stumble over yourself trying to ascertain every piece of dialogue. The setting of 1953 Quebec gives the story a place and time that I'm sure meshes with a period in the beautiful city's history, if not its political or religious happenings in some way. The black and white filming lends to the mysteriousness of the characters and the crime.

I've personally always thought of Montgomery Clift roles as dark yet heroic, sort of a glimmer of hope shining through the despair of darkness.

Hitchcock utilizes his shadowy technique and background framing of scenes excellently throughout. The haunting and suspenseful music score by Dimitri Tiomkin gives full credence to the rollercoaster of human emotions throughout the film. Your ears will also adjust to the French-Canadian and German accents of supporting cast members that make the story so credible. Carmen Gingras and Renée Hudon as two little french girls giving the cutest french-canadian accented testimony are worth the viewing alone.

As for the storyline, it has everything a dramatic blockbuster movie of today strives toward bringing to the big screen: Murder, Suspicion, Accusation, Scandal, Religion, Guilt, Innocence, Love, Fear, Courtroom Drama and of course A Confession. And not all in that order.

So if you're over 40, or just wanna see a movie your parents or grandparents would consider a good date movie, go out and find yourself a copy of "I Confess." I'm sure you can order it "On DVD" via Netflix. If not I'll rent you my VHS copy for only $3.99 plus shipping, no late return fees here. I Confess!

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