Thursday, December 22, 2016

San Francisco Gives Uber Self-Driving Cars The Boot

Human minds and lawmakers using common sense prevailed over an Uber company that thought itself above the safety and well-being of the city of San Francisco.

Thanks to the city's Department of Motor Vehicles, a place I wish I could send a robot to in my stead, Uber had their driverless vehicle registrations revoked yesterday due to failure to have them issued (identified) as test vehicles. Serves Uber and whatever decision making arrogant bastard right. Their complete disregard for public safety in hopes of promoting a product that "THEY" feel will be revolutionary in the field of transportation is appalling. 

I don't know if Uber tried to pull the sheet over the public's eyes for financial gain, technology research or just because they "Feel" they can get away with anything, but I'm sure relieved to see that safety in San Francisco prevailed over profits, publicity and company conceit.

To have a company totally ignore city laws that were put in place to protect its citizens is evidence that profit is the leading theme in their mission statement above all else. 

I applaud the actions of San Francisco to "Halt" the unscrupulous efforts of Uber to inject self-driving vehicles onto the streets.  Let Uber pay some other city in need of dollars and willing to risk the safety of their citizens. I'm not completely sold on the driving safety of human Uber drivers, much less the safety of driver-less computerized Uber vehicles.

We can't tell technology companies how to run their businesses but we can "Regulate" their products to ensure they're safe for our environment and those living in it. Citizen fatalities should not fall under the heading of technology collateral damage. I'm all for innovative creativity, but without responsible planning and leadership, the mixing of test ground with public living areas can be a recipe for disaster.

Come'on Uber, you're better than that. Aren't You??????

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