Friday, December 16, 2016

Raiders "Win And We're In" Sunday

I haven't had a moment like this leading up to a Raiders football game since 2003. With a win over the San Diego Chargers this weekend the Raiders of OAKLAND will clinch an NFL Playoff berth. 

It's been a long time coming and I sit here the Friday before the game pinching myself. I know its not the Big Show, but for the (10-3) Raiders and their fans its as huge as the Golden State Warriors going to their Big Show in 2015. It's been so long, that we really just don't know how to act. 

I kinda feel bad for the city of San Diego and Chargers fans because if the Raiders clinch this Sunday in Diego, the city won't be able to keep the many Raiders fans going to the game from celebrating like they'd just seen Trump get knocked the freak out by Rhonda Rousey! They're gonna party in Oakland South like it's 2003.

Raider Nation won't apologize for their overzealous emotions. The road back to the playoffs has been filled with every imaginable bump and pothole a team and their fans could travel over. Now here we are, one on-ramp away from leaving the backroads and reaching the turnpike of professional football. Up ahead are the San Diego Chargers wanting to keep us from passing through the toll booth. All the Raiders need to do come Sunday is pay the toll with a win and their on the thruway that leads to the Super Bowl.

Playoffs Baby!  Just kick some powder blue butt and keep the pedal to the frickin' metal. What a season 2016 has been. Win Sunday and a new era in Raiders football begins. Big Al will be watching.

Just Win Baby!


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