Friday, December 23, 2016

Golden State Warriors Bop Brooklyn

I love the hip, confident looking fashion that comes with anything labeled Brooklyn. Its like having an "I'm Tough, Don't 'F' With Me" sticker plastered on your chest.

Well, the Golden State Warriors went into Brooklyn last night and let the Nets strut around on the basketball court in the first half of the game as if they were tough and could hang with the mighty Warriors. Then came the third quarter and the Nets got punched in the mouth repeatedly by a basketball Bully. 

The Warriors ripped off 31 points to the Nets 19 in the third quarter, while stripping the fake tough guy sticker off Brooklyn's chest, revealing a cowering clark kent with no cape in sight.

The Warriors, who's own tough guy, Draymond Green, was out of the line-up due to a new baby Green delivered to his fiancee, turned up the defense and caused the Brooklyn Nets to stumble and bumble their way through a 117-101 beatdown. The Nets shouldn't feel bad, the mighty Warriors have a way of sometimes toying with the opposition before applying the death grip. 

Warriors Zaza Pachulia and David West both had big nights in the absence of Draymond. The team is now 26-4, sporting the best record in the NBA as they play a back-to-back tonight in Detroit. The big test comes Sunday, Christmas Day, against Lebron and the Cavaliers in Cleveland. Its the game all basketball fans have been waiting for; a Finals rematch. But this game brings a new challenge for Cleveland to contend with. No, not Daddy Green passing out 'its a boy' cigars, although he will be there.

No, for this rematch the Warriors will unwrap and present Lebron and the Cavs with a Christmas gift of explosive proportions. In the infamous words of Scarface Tony Montana:

"Say Hello to me little friend,"#35 Kevin Durant!

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