Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Klay "cookie jar" Thompson Steals 60pts

Yes he did! The Warriors forward, known for getting in a shooting zone, put on a show in Oakland last night. With screaming Oracle Arena fans and teammates losing their minds on the bench, Klay made shots in just about every way possible. He had 40pts in the first half.

Raiders players, coming off a big 29 point comeback win yesterday over the Buffalo Bills, were in the building to witness the magic of Klay's quick release jumper.

The fact that Klay acheived the 60p point feat in just 29 minutes makes it that much more impressive. Warriors coach Steve Kerr smartly pulled Klay, still hot, out of the game at the end of the third quarter to a deafening standing ovation.

The Warriors starters and reserves all played an inspired basketball game against an Indiana Pacers team that did well not to just throw in the towel and Uber their way to Oakland International Airport to avoid post-game questions and any recognition as the team who let Klay take sixty cookies from their cookie jar.

The cookie jar reference for those who don't know, is how Klay once described his bent wrist position when releasing a jump shot. The wrist is  bent like that of a child reaching up and over the edge of a cookie jar; the reward being a delicious cookie of course. Daddy Mychal taught'em that.

Well Klay, on another historic night in the bay, you provided all the sugar our basketball sweet tooth craves. A trip to the dentist is in order for all.

Congrats to #11 of the Golden State Warriors for an entertaining evening.

Final Score
Pacers 106
Warriors 142

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