Friday, December 09, 2016

Raiders Can't Get It Done In Kansas City

Playing what had to be the worse game of his NFL career, Raiders QB Derek Carr  might not have been all to blame on an incomplete pass to a wide open Amari Cooper. Had the pass been caught, Coop had a clear path to the end zone and  the score would've been 21-19 with a point after or two-point conversion to follow. With little more than nine minutes left in the game, it could've been a game changer. 

The pass was an ugly throw and catch attempt that all onlookers wrote off as just another bad Derek Carr throw on the night.  But what IF?  Yes, what if the ball had clipped one of the Skycam wires above the field altering it's trajectory? The reaction of Coop awkwardly trying to adjust to the path of the ball sure gives credence to something happening while the ball was in the air.

But we Raiders fans make no excuses for a loss. We gotta play better to get where we wanna go. With the loss the Raiders are tie with the Chiefs for first place in the AFC West division, however, the Chiefs hold the tie breaker. 

With three games left in the regular season anything can happen. The fact that Derek Carr played his worse game and the Raiders were still in it at the end gives me confidence that the silver & black are still serious contenders for a championship. 

The defense did a good job shutting down the Chiefs in the second half. The running game showed some bite with Latavius Murray going over 100 yards. Special teams bit us in the butt with a botched field goal attempt and allowing a punt return for a touchdown. This game was proof that its gonna take greatness in all phases of the game in order for the Raiders to win it all.

You're close to being great Raiders; real close!

Final Score
Raiders 13
Chiefs 21

Yahoo News: Did errant pass hit NBC's Skycam wire? 

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