Sunday, December 08, 2013

Some Good, Bad & Ugly in Raiders Loss

 The Good

Its really not worth discussing yet again.  The Oakland Raiders, my football team (win, lose or tie) simply couldn't get the job done on the road again.  I know they're missing pieces due to injury, but all teams are beat up this time of year.  

The Raiders did show plenty of grit in clawing back into a game that saw them down 20-3 to the New York Jets at half-time.  The offense, with all their ineptness at times, did enough to win this game.  It was our defense that got faked and fooled throughout the game by a so, so Jets offense.  Geno Smith, over rated.  Ironic that his style of playing quarterback mirrors Raiders QB Terrelle Pryor.  There was a Pryor sighting in the game, but for unknown reasons the Raiders went back to Matt McGloin.  I agree with the McGloin move.

I'm lovin' the Rod Streater/Andre Holmes receiving duo. Holmes had a breakout game on Thanksgiving last week against his former Cowboys team. The athletic 6' 4" target continues to bond with his quarterback. Atta-boy Holmsy!

Its simple Raiders Fans; our Defense hasn't been the same since D.J. Hayden went down for some reason.  I don't know, there may have been some issues before that, but there was a time this season where our defense was ranked ruthless against the run and sustainable against the pass.  Today proved them weak and vulnerable in both categories. Something broke and didn't get fixed.

Finals Score
Raiders 27
Jets 37

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