Sunday, December 08, 2013

In The Words of Robert Reich - Let's Debate!

in·tel·li·gence ( n-t l -j ns). n. 1. a. The capacity to acquire and apply knowledge. b. The faculty of thought and reason. c. Superior powers of mind

No, I do not claim ownership of such a mind.  My intelligent quotient is just a tick below or above average at best, depending on my mood. The pendulum seems to swing more toward the above direction when listening to Commonwealth Club speakers such as political economist Robert Reich.

Funny thing about intelligence; it can be somewhat infectious when the conduit of communication between speaker and listener is clear and to the point.  Robert Reich has the ability to breakdown the many cogs that make the economy go or stop.  He's been around the political stage long enough to put a finger on the pulse of our country's economic issues and provide trusting feedback on ills threatening its health.  

The most recent prognosis that 'doctor' Reich forecasts states that our economy is depressed. The upside of the is that our nation has the self-healing antibodies to ward-off the illness and return to a healthy, vibrant, self-sufficient organism.

Mr. Reich, as with past commonwealth club speakers I've heard, makes a good argument in the dietary changes proposed for improving our nation's economic health.  When he identifies the spending power of customers/consumers as the life giving blood flow of our economic system, the idea of wealth in the hands of the few seems ludicrous.  

Pay a middle-class working man good wages and sustain the pool of buying power in an economy. Good pay also gives hope and encouragement to the poor; that their reach upward and out of poverty is realistically attainable.

What I liked most about Mr. Reich's chat was his manner of sharing truths about our country's present economic condition and offering up solutions to remedy the problems we face.  The former U.S. Secretary of Labor uses knowledge, thought and reason in coming to his conclusions on how best to treat our diseased economy and bring financial health and well-being to a nation who's citizens continue to suffer the effects of depression.

As for the challengers and non-believers who feel Robert Reich's ideas are far-fetched and threaten the future health of our country, don't hide in the shadows and whisper your disapproval in the ears of media, come forward into the light and debate the man.  I'll betcha, he'll whip some sense into you.

American political economist, professor, author, and political commentator.
Robert Reich -  Inequality for All

"A Fredo Moment"

When the nation’s economy foundered in 2008, blame was directed almost universally at Wall Street bankers. But Robert B. Reich, one of our most experienced and trusted voices on public policy, suggests another reason for the meltdown. Our real problem, he argues, lies in the increasing concentration of income at the top, robbing the vast middle class of the purchasing power it needs to keep the economy going. This thoughtful and detailed account of the American economy—and how we can fix it—is a practical, humane, and much-needed blueprint for rebuilding our society.

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