Saturday, December 21, 2013

Damon Bruce's Novermber No-No

Last month KNBR radio host Damon Bruce delivered an interesting diatribe on how womens' take on sports is turning men into wimps. To say it wasn't received well is an understatement.

As I've told my grandson in the past when ready to comment on his grandmother's uninformed take on sports; "you can think it, but just don't say it!"

Oh well, Damon and I ain't related so he did what any unsuspecting, politically incorrect male would do;  he went out on a limb and said it.  He paid the price with a brief suspension. Now the Holidays are here, along with college bowl games and NFL playoff seed positioning. Its the season of joy and forgiveness and the Damon Bruce bonehead play seems to have been forgiven.  

For the bunch of wimps who overreacted to Damon's show, get a grip.  For the men and women who love their sports gritty with game face on and agree that there's no crying in sports, Damon said what many of you think.  He might be the most courageous radio sports host out there when it comes to truths in sports.  And he's one of the few who works alone, not needing a setup man to bounce his opinions off. Have you noticed the Howard Stern-esque female ad-lib voice in sports talk these days?  Yep, you can think it, but just don't say it unless your are ready to face the consequences.

You may not agree with all Damon says, but as one of my favorite freedom of speech lines so eloquently states; "I'll defend to the death your right to say it."

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