Friday, December 13, 2013

A Raider Greg Podcast Moment

Checked in with Raider Greg's "RaiderNationPodcast" and caught myself agreeing with much of what was being said about the team after the Thanksgiving Day Meltdown against the Dallas Cowboys.

Now after the New York Jets loss, the feelings expressed by callers to the podcast after that Cowboys game sound frighteningly on the mark.  Problems in coaching on both offense and defense are pointed out. Coaches unable to make the necessary adjustments throughout the game.  Raider Nation is frustrated, looking for anything to hang our hopes on during this time of rebuilding.   

And just to reiterate, why the hell was vertically challenged Jacoby Ford targeted for a jump ball in the endzone over a Cowboys defensive back who's intercepting leap made the height differential obvious to all viewers? Valid question. Coach Dennis Allen pinned the doomed play on QB Matt McGloin's inexperience.  I don't know about that......Dennis.

The beauty of the podcast though was that to a man, each and every caller swore their continued allegiance to the Oakland Raiders.  Not a hint of jumping ship or discontinuing support.  

Now, I don't know why other fans love their football team, but this is exactly why I love my Raiders and the Raider Nation. There aren't many non-winning teams in any sport with fans as loyal as us; loyal and full of future hope.  But as one caller said, its frickin' hella hard being a Raiders fan these days. 

Win, Lose Or Tie!  

A Change is Gonna Come

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