Wednesday, September 19, 2012

San Francisco Giants - Magic #7

Yes indeed! The San Francisco baseball Giants are making us fans believers once again.  In a season marred by injury, controversy and un-Giants-like pitching, the Orange & Black are seven games away from sealing a trip to the playoffs; and not as a wild card berth.

I attended what'll probably be my last or next to last regular season game last night. It was an exciting battle against the Colorado Rockies.  The Giants came out of it unscarred with a decisive 6-3 Victory.  Tim Lincecum looked close to his old self, pitching six shutout innings, before leaving with the bases loaded.  Relief came in and quickly put out the fire before it had a chance to consume our lead. 

I haven't allowed myself to think playoffs just yet, but trust me, I got the fat lady in my closet tied and gagged, waiting for that magic number to become a playoff reality.

Lets Go Giants!

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