Thursday, September 20, 2012

East Coast Bias In Baseball? Again?

The SF Giants magic number to clinch the NL West Division pennant is 5 and the national media is still stiff-arming the Orange & Black. 

No headline news coverage of the Giants push for the pennant on major sports media outlets. Instead, we get how the L.A. Dodgers are making a run for the wild card.  Its as if the sports analysts and newsboys are still sulking about the SF Giants winning the 2010 World Series while their darling yankees looked on from a couch. 

Oh Well, its okay. It is what it is.  We won it two years ago with only local media support and if that's the way they want it, we'll show them again in 2012.  We no need no stinkin' national news print to propel us toward the playoffs.  We're bigger than that. We've a roster full of hard working men playing in a synchronized team-first style with awesome coaching.  We're Giants!

Let's Go Giants!

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