Thursday, September 13, 2012

Give Me Some More SUMO

Last weekend's Sumo demonstration in Japantown was a true sports fan treat.  Not only was it free, but it was up close and personal.

Though the host of the event reminded me of a over-the-top Las Vegas showman, his humor and educational value in sharing the world of Sumo was great. As for the Sumo wrestlers, they did not disappoint, strong as an ox and as fun and friendly as Barney.

It was obviously a promotional event to plug a main event to be held in Los Angeles later this month, so the wrestlers didn't really go all out.  But mind you, these guys are over 300 pounds of humanity, trained in an art of competitive combat. So any clashing of titans in the form of Sumo Wrestlers, no matter how fierce, is going to result in rolling thunder.

In a nutshell, the event was wonderful.  I had friends in town from the east coast who really enjoyed it, taking pictures and texting back to friends about what they were witnessing.  It was a perfect day for the outdoor Sumo demonstration and the sparse crowd allowed for close and unobstructed viewing.

The best part of the event might have been the end where children were allowed to go up against their Sumo Wrestler of choice in the ring. The children were as funny as ever with some being frightened and others being fearless as they entered the Sumo circle, squatted down into their crouch with fists planted firmly on the mat, face to face with a real live Sumo.  Clash of the Tot-ans.  Ever see 40 pounds go up against 380 pounds?  I did. It was an all around entertaining event, fun for the whole family.

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