Thursday, September 27, 2012

Catching Up On My Sports

While away from this blog I experienced LIVE my Oakland Raiders at home putting up a classic Victory over the Blitzburgh Steelers.  It was new Head Coach Dennis Allen's first victory. That's RB Darren McFadden above, finishing off his 64-yard touchdown run. Amazing!

Steelers fans came out bigtime, waving terrible towels and acting like they owned the Oakland Coliseum.  By the time the clock struck zero in the fourth quarter, the Raiders were celebrating a 34-31 Victory and all the yellow terrible towels were drenched in tears. Meanwhile, the Silver & Black clad Raider Nation was whooping it up like we'd won the super bowl.  The game was so emotional and tension filled that it left us fans exhausted with glee. 

If the Raiders, with a much improved Carson Palmer at quarterback, put together a playoff earning season, they'll point to this game as the springboard that propelled them. With a game day that began with Former Raider and Hall of Famer Marcus Allen lighting the Eternal Al Davis Torch, everything else that followed was pure sports gravy.  It was Electrifying! Just Win Baby!

In Baseball News, the San Francisco Giants clinched the NL West Division, earning their second trip to the postseason in three years.  Any threat their southern rival in blue may have presented was doused in an avalanche of Giants runs and wins.  The orange and black have stepped up their game. They're playing with an urgency to win and have called all hands on deck, including veteran slugger Aubrey Huff.  Manager Bruce Bochy continues daily to put together the player pieces that best matchup against the opponent. The Giants are the envy of the NL West and the nightmare of the rest. Go Giants!

The 49ers fell to earth with an ugly loss in Minnesota and the Green Bay Packers might've been "Tucked" out of a win in Seattle where the Seahawks got a gift from replacement referrees.

Today those same refs were given their walking papers as the NFL came to terms with the 'REAL' referrees and welcomed Ed ' Big Guns' Hochuli and his zebra-striped brethren back in time for the Thursday Nite NFL game. Warning, the agreement is tentative pending union approval.

This Sunday the Raiders travel to Denver to test their winning ways against the Peyton Manning led Broncos.  Coach Allen, Broncos defensive coordinator last season, returns to Denver for the first time to prowl the visitors side of the field dressed in black. Denver lost last sunday to the Houston Texans.

Finally, I've gotta give a shout out to the Spaniard, Sergio Martinez, who on Sept. 15th dominated Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. for 11 rounds in a WBC Middleweight Title Fight. 
The Argentinian showed true grit in surviving a twelth round in which Chavez could've and should've stolen the fight.  After Chavez scored a knockdown in the round, he couldn't score the knockout and the Spaniard walked away wrapped in a well earned middleweight belt Victory. 

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