Sunday, September 16, 2012

Carson Palmer - Part of the Problem

Damn! Damn! Damn!  It's the third quarter and I've just watched Raiders starting quarterback Carson Palmer throw another errant pass. He ain't losing the game for us (Raiders 10 Dolphins7), but he damn sure ain't winning it.

The Raiders offense looks like they're on the cusp of doing some great things, but the inconsistent quarterback play and leadership of Carson Palmer is holding them back.

I've just about seen enough.  Carson has cost us a touchdown in the red zone.  Bring in backup Matt Leinert, Bring in the young and talented Terrelle Pryor.  We need someone at the helm of our offense that the young team can rally around and win with. We need him yesterday.

Oh Shit! Defense is beginning to look tired. Dolphins just scored to take the lead.  Just Do It Coach! Just Do It!

3rd Qtr
Raiders 10
Dolphins 14

Coach didn't do it and the day just got uglier and uglier for the Raiders in Miami.

It didn't happen for the Raiders today.  Maybe it was the 75% humidity that beat them and not Reggie Bush's two long touchdown runs / 172 total yards. Maybe.

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