Tuesday, August 28, 2012

SF Giants & Oakland A's Battling

With football season at the starting line waiting for the whistle to blow, I find myself torn between staying up with major league baseball pennant races and keeping an eye on the Oakland Raiders along with the rest of the NFL transactions, injuries and developments.  This is the time of year where being a multi-sports fan can get very hectic.  

For those who are mild fans of major league sports, thank your stars for being spared the addiction. Oh we fanatics are rewarded with the roller coaster ride of our lives, but the prep work is a mother.  You've gotta do your homework on players, coaches, team strengths and weaknesses.  And you have to know as much about division rivals and opponents as you do the team you're addicted to. Because to be informed is to be armed.  And you don't wanna go into a battle unarmed. In sports, as in life, that's just suicide.

So here we are about to enter September, the last month of baseball's regular season and the first month of football's. The SF-Oakland Bay Area baseball teams are in good positions to make the playoffs. They're overcoming injuries, scandals and competitors spending big money down the stretch for all-star caliber players. Both the A's and Giants are winning with fundamental baseball and a bunch of scrappy players who've chosen to make a run for the championship regardless of the odds.

Meanwhile the Raiders & 49ers are locked and loaded for a season like no other in recent memory.  The Raiders begin a season with a totally new regime and without the man who started their winning ways over 50 years ago, owner Al Davis.  The 49ers are coming off a trip to the NFC championship game and their second year coach expects them to show last season was no fluke.

It's gonna be a sports filled indian summer as the bay area welcomes back that winning feeling in sports.  When the San Francisco Giants won the World Series in fall 2010, nobody expected it.  Now not only are bay area fans expecting their teams to get to the championship, they expect them to get their and win the damn thing.

So get ready folks, the whistle has blown, the bell has rung, the gun has sounded.  We're off and running full speed ahead toward one goal and one goal only.  Winning It All!


Giants 3
Astros 2

Athletics 7
Indians 0

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